Ara Sahelian’s clients describe him as driven and relentless – a Bulldog with a Big Heart. Clients appreciate his broad experience in all aspects of business litigation, and his knowledge of technical issues – knowledge which he acquired early in his career as an engineer and project manager for Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Sahelian will not accept a case unless he feels morally justified in advocating for his client. Mr. Sahelian will represent clients who may not be in a position to pay fees up front. In such cases a hybrid fee arrangement is negotiated, particularly where the law allows for an award of fees and costs to the prevailing party at trial.  Mr. Sahelian has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from Drexel University (Philadelphia), and a Juris Doctor which he acquired from the University of West Los Angeles while employed full-time as a project manager. He took and passed the California Bar Examination on his first attempt in 1993. 


As a client of your law firm, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the dedication, professionalism and tenacity you applied to my case. I remember the first day we met at your office. Because of your conviction and passion you expressed for your clients, I knew you were the man I wanted to represent me. I was blessed and thankful that you took my case, knowing I did not have the finances to proceed if you had decided not to do so. I presented my situation to you which was a typical cut and dry case. I was a partner in a company of which I heavily invested in and when the company purchased my shares, I was given a Promissory Note for the loan to be repaid. Unfortunately, after surrendering my stock to the new partner, I was never paid as agreed. After you decided to take the case and you filed the collection law suit; the situation took a turn for the worst. I was counter sued by the new partner of which now had to be defended. When this counter suit was filed, I expected you to tell me that I would be financially responsible for you to defend it since you were initially retained to handle only the collection of the monies owed to me. However, your response was quite the opposite. Knowing I did not have the financial resources and knowing this counter suit was only a ploy to deter me from going forward, you decided to stay with me for the entire duration of both cases. The Rest of This Story is History…… You and you alone, along with your wonderful assistant, Cheryl, went head to head with the team of lawyers that I call “The Pent House Attorneys;” the best that money could buy. They were the type of attorneys that would not stop at anything; utilizing every trick in the book, and certainly, not short of lying and being unscrupulous. What “The Pent House Attorneys” did not realize at the time was who they were dealing with. The man they were about to deal with, as I was told several times, was a PIT BULL that never stops fighting; the man who believes in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; the man who has compassion and acts in good faith and honesty for the little guy and believes that they should not be run over and tossed aside. The Pent House Attorneys had finally met one person who had the perseverance to outdo and outshine them. In fact, the one man show (The PIT BULL) took them to school. Ara, your endless effort through the many months, your focus and dedication to this long process without wavering and you believing in justice, led you to triumph over the Pent House Attorneys. I believe you did teach them a lesson that they will never forget. I am proud to know a man like you and thank you with my deepest regard for being that rare individual who truly believes and fights for the little guy.  Tommy Cassella. CEO, Tommy Pastrami.

My first experience with Ara Sahelian was in August of 1996 when I hired him to incorporate my business. Since then I have hired him to represent us in ten separate cases. He won or successfully defended each of the 10 cases. His record is indisputable. These cases range from a predatory lawsuit involving patent infringement, to a product liability case, and a complicated case with a fatality. The most memorable I recall was the patent infringement case where a large conglomerate with 45 companies and 45 billion dollars a year in sales decided that we were a threat to them and they abused their legal rights to bankrupt our company with litigation fees. This company has a long history using this tactic all across the United States and Canada. Unfortunately for them, Ara was relentless and diligent. Needless to say I was very satisfied and relieved once we won.I also recommended Ara to family member who is an officer and shareholder of a manufacturing company. I must say Ara has never made me more proud. The company was basically thrown under the bus by their insurance company (which I will not name but it starts with a T and ends with an S). Their attorneys neglected the case. Two weeks before trial, after they were told they had to fork out a few hundred thousand dollars above and beyond their one million dollar policy limit to settle the case, they hired Ara and he and started performing miracles. He hired private investigators, experts in every field, and convinced the insurance company to hire a famous trial attorney to help him with the case. He spoke to the Plaintiff’s attorneys and made them see the light. After relentless persuasion they took the policy limit and left with their tails between their legs. The best part was that all the shareholders were now able to sleep at night and Ara was able to persuade the insurance company to pay for all of the expenses. I have also had Ara help me interview to hire Attorneys that specialize in other areas of the law with great success. Finding a good attorney is difficult and it takes one to know one.  Thomas Gonzales, CEO, California Nozzle Specialists Inc. 

As a defense trial lawyer for thirty years in Southern California, I gladly acknowledge that I have never seen a more determined or a more professional opposing counsel than Ara Sahelian. In a case where the counsel for a products liability defendant tried every trick in the book to take advantage of, shake-off, exhaust, divert, and destroy the plaintiff’s case, Ara stuck to his guns when most other counsel would have thrown in the towel, and finally he nailed the manufacturer with a plaintiff’s verdict after a three-week jury trial. It was a pleasure to watch him work, especially since he wasn’t particularly gunning for my client. I should add: not only did Ara never lose his focus, he never lost sight of what it means to be a consummate professional in every sense. He was always as good as his word, to everyone.  George E. Peterson, Esq., The Law Firm of Peterson and Bradford, LLC.

We had been in the Engineering Services business for over 15 years and luckily avoided lawsuits. Then, out of nowhere, a large company with unlimited resources attacked us with a meritless software infringement claim, with the sole purpose of eliminating us as a competitor. Ara had both the knowledge and resources to take them on. After a grueling process that involved litigation in a Federal District Court in Huntsville, Alabama, Ara forced a settlement on the other side. They walked away with nothing. I can honestly say we are in business today because of him.We’ve used Sahelian Law for over a decade for all of our business needs, and routinely when we’re owed money. It’s Sahelian Law we choose each time.  Mark C. Serres, President, Utility Systems, Science and Software, Inc.

Ara has been our business attorney for over 10 years, and he has helped us many times over the years with issues both large and small. Ara’s knowledge of the law is thorough, his work is well researched and detailed, and he is diligent in helping his clients, and most of all, we have found Ara to be unfalteringly fair. He is easy to talk to, and is tenacious and competitive, but he is always fair and gives sound advice that is within the context of the law. And Ara has a heart.  Rose Swick, Vice President, Thunderbird Communications, Inc.

Mr. Sahelian’s great personality, knowledge, expertise, and dedication, on a Trademark Infringement case brought in a U.S. District Court that we handled jointly, against an adversary with seemingly unlimited funds, was a big contributor to the outstanding result we achieved for the client. I hope we have the opportunity work together in the future as he made my job a lot easier.  James A. Rossi , Esq., Crandall, Wade & Lowe.

I have 30 patents to my name and nearly 45 years of engineering experience under my belt. In addition to my engineering activities, I work as a forensic expert. I have witnessed Ara prepare for trial. He straddles technology and law with equal ease. In my experience with him, he was thorough in his research, persistent, passionate and a successful advocate for his client.  Edward E. Elson, BSME; MSME; MAM.

Ara’s ability to get things done is impressive given the current legal system. He is truly relentless in his pursuit of justice. When an injustice has occurred he truly is the attorney for the job. His relentless pursuit of an opponent, whether an individual, corporation or large insurance company makes no difference to his abilities to win.I appreciate mostly his ability to listen to a problem, analyze it and form a plan of attack. He goes through every aspect of a legal case, step by step, leaving no thought, no option and no opportunity unturned. His ability has brought extreme peace and comfort to my mind in difficult and stressful times. He has always exceeded my expectations and performed above the call of duty – in every case. There is satisfaction that he has completed the task and brought justice in each case. His attention to detail and ability to win cases and collect money is unsurpassed. He is 4-0 with us. I strive to avoid the legal system, but when necessary it is great to know he is on my side and not the opposing counsel.I would highly recommend Ara to anyone I know, whether they are trying to collect a debt or really have a substantial problem that needs expert command of the legal system. I appreciate all that he has done for us, my family and corporation over the years.  Walter J Bernor, III, President, Pacific Technical Resources, Inc.

We met Ara at a very hard time in our lives. We had just found out that a business partner had been stealing money from our company. And, my husband’s father had just passed away and his new wife had changed his trust, so that she got all of his money. Ara helped us negotiate with my husband’s business partner and his lawyer to come up with a fair and agreeable settlement. Ara is a honest and compassionate man. He never left us hanging. After our lawsuit was settled, we had someone file bankruptcy against us. This was someone who appeared to us as an attorney, took a lot of our money, then when he said he would pay us back, filed bankruptcy. Ara took this case and worked it for free because he believed this was so wrong. He took it to trial in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the judge awarded us every penny we had ever paid him. I am so grateful to Ara for all of his loyalty and hard work.  Jan Wyman.

Attorney Sahelian is very calm and has such a wonderful sense of humor. It made me realize that my problems are not as big as I thought at first. If I ever need legal advice again, I would definitely turn to Ara Sahelian.  Ingrid McDonald. 

Mr. Sahelian was very easy to talk to. His explanations were easy to understand and his advice made sense to me. I would recommend him to anyone. John D. Stricklin.